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    100 Years Ago Today - March 28, 1913

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Here are 5 news stories from around the world 100 years ago.

    What was happening in the world one hundred years ago?

    Hi this is Matt and here are 5 New York Times headlines from March 28th, 1913.

    Number 5. J.H. Pilson became one of the most despised men in his neighborhood when he made his apartment available to black tenants. When confronted, Pilson said his actions were not meant to aggravate or politicize – he just needed people to rent the space.
    General laws against racial discrimination were first enacted in 1868. Specific housing laws took effect in 1968.

    Number 4. Experts noted that an astounding amount of water poured into Ohio during its historical storm. That’s 5-and-a-half trillion gallons. The flooding area included Dayton, Columbus, and Sandusky. Ironically, Sandusky is now home to the country’s largest indoor water park contained under a single roof.

    Number 3. You could buy a trench coat for 5 dollars and 95 cents. Larger people had to pay up to 15.75. How much did you pay for your trench coat?

    Number 2. After being cut off from communications and aid, the citizens of Peru, Indiana began to receive supplies and access to an emergency phone line. While the storm had passed, Peru’s residents still had to cope with disease outbreaks and spikes in crime.

    Number 1. In the wake of the severe storms affecting many of the central and eastern states, the Weather Bureau was unable to gather enough information to deliver its daily weather report.