5 Creepy Easter Bunnies on Etsy

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Check out 7 creepy Easter bunnies on Etsy.

Tired of looking at cute and cuddly easter bunnies?

Here are 5 creepy ones from etsy.com.

Number 5 - Creepy Psycho Killer Easter Bunnies terrifyingly stare out from the top lid of a pill box. The handmade box is constructed of silver metal. The bug eyed, pointed teeth-bearing bunnies can give anyone a fright while reaching for an aspirin or vitamin.

Number 4 – A less-than-lovely stuffed bunny contains a hand painted resin, monster-like face. Blood shot, popping eyes and jagged teeth finish off the creepy creatures features.

Number 3 - This porcelain bunny figurine, standing approximately 6 and a quarter inches tall, has a disturbingly human like presence.

Number 2 - Perhaps the strange looking bug-eyed bunnies on this piece are frightened by the farmer’s miniature tractor. Can be used as a candle holder or small dish.

Number 1 - Dressed in green overalls, the creepy cartoon-like design of this vintage coffee mug will be sure to lift your spirits while drinking your favorite beverage.

Are you a fan of easter bunnies?