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    US Towards the Bottom when It Comes to Vacation Time: Survey

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    Check out how Americans fare in regards to receiving vacation time.

    Americans have a reputation for being difficult tourists. A lack of practice could be to blame. Americans receive less vacation time than workers in most other countries. recently published worldwide statistics that place the United States in one of the bottom spots – 25th out of the 30 countries surveyed. The findings include both paid leave and national holidays.

    How bad is it?

    Americans get approximately 20 paid days off annually, of which 10 are national holidays. The global average is 28. Russians enjoy the most time with 40 days. Mexicans have the fewest at 15 days.

    These numbers don’t reflect the fact that Americans tend to forgo some of their earned vacation time. According to an Expedia survey, most sacrifice at least two paid days off a year, translating into a collective 34.3 billion abandoned dollars.

    Many Americans say they simply can’t afford to travel. This is compounded by economy-induced anxiety.

    Downsizing and layoffs have left many of the still employed reluctant to request vacation time. Too much work to do, fear of backlash, and the desire to pay-down debt and increase savings just in case are more pressing concerns than finding the perfect beach or chateau.