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    IDOL CAP: Lazaro Forgets Lyrics & Angie Miller Falters- Top 8 Performances "American Idol" 12x22


    by ClevverMusic

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    American Idol Top 8 performances included harsh criticism for Angie Miller and some shocking forgotten lyrics! What's good, you are watching your Idol Cap here on ClevverMusic. American Idol's Season 12 Top 8 performances show kicked off with Nicki and Mariah surprisingly rocking the same pastel color dresses- clearly they don't see each other before the show begins. Judge Mariah Carey made it apparent during the show it was her birthday and her wedding anniversary, waving her Princess wand around in Ryan Seacrest's face during the episode. The song theme of the night was tunes from the Motor City, Detroit and there was no shortage of drama. Any song from a Detroit artist was fair game and naturally Motown was at the forefront. The top 8 performed solo and also as duets, which is where things got sticky.

    In the first duet of the night was Kree and Janelle singing a Country version of Madonna song "Like a Prayer" (yes Madonna is from Michigan so that counts). We think the two girls rocked the performance, despite Kree's one slip up that Janelle covered brilliantly- check it out.

    Although the judges aren't supposed to critique the duets, Nicki Minaj bashed Janelle saying, "Kreedom almost made it look like she flew in to do a duet with an Idol contestant today." The negative feedback and forgotten lyrics didn't end there. Towards the end of the show the three remaining male contestants Burnell, Lazaro and Devin performed "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" and it was clear Lazaro did not know the song, take a look.

    This is unusual for Idol contestants during the Top 10 while it is not uncommon during Hollywood week, as Nicki Minaj pointed out after the performance. She was shockingly not harsh on them just saying, "Imma pretend I didn't even see it, or hear it!" We fear this is not good news for the remaining guys in the competition. And it was front runner Angie Miller who sang Motown classic song "Shop Around" who received her first negative feedback ever. The song was unanimously criticized by the judges with Randy first commenting that the performance was "not right on" and was pitchy. Mariah thought she should have sung "I'll Be There" at the piano, as she has done time and time again. Nicki Minaj went on a strict rant saying, " don't have to try to be more overtly sexy, you have to be trying to having fun...don't try to come out her and give us another side." We admire Angie's risk and we like seeing the flirty side of this girl! Did you like Angie's performance? We talked to her after the show and were pleasantly surprised to see she wasn't going to let the criticism get her down for showing her 'fun' side! Thanks for watching our Idol Cap here on ClevverMusic, stay tuned for more Idol news every week. I'm Misty Kingma catch you later.