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    Black Box For A Car | Best Dashboard Video Camera Recorders and EDR

    Black Box For A Car

    Large selection of best selling black box dashboard dashcam camera systems.
    In 2015, all vehicles being manufactured will be outfitted with these recorders. Today, consumers are purchasing these as safety devices for use as eye witness account of any accidents, as well as capturing events happening on our roads and highways

    Recently in Russia, hundreds of video recorder dashcams recorded the streaming meteors in the sky while they were driving on the highway and that has starting a frenzy on the sale of these devices in the United states.

    720p Wide Angle Dual Car Camera with GPS & Night Vision Dash Cam

    *****Our Best Combination Dual Lens Camera and Recorder System**************
    720p Wide Angle Dual Car Camera with GPS & Night Vision Dash Cam

    Records both inside and outside the vehicle ideal for Taxi's, Fleet Trucks & More

    IR LEDs for Improved Night Time Recording

    Continuous Loop Recording

    Video Output for TV/Monitor Playback

    GPS & Gyro tracking for accurate lotion display on Google Maps during Playback

    The zBlackBox-2000HD dash cam is the most advanced car dash camera DVR System on the market. This revolutionary new model records video of the road including every blind spot, as well as the driver’s and passenger’s actions. There is only one way to know what really happened during, before and after an accident: video evidence is undisputable. By capturing the accident on video, you will know if the driver was on the phone, not paying attention to the road, or driving dangerously . The video will pin point the precise direction, speed, and handling of the car. The zBlackBox-2000HD guarantees indisputable evidence of how fast the cars were traveling and what the driver was doing immediately before the accident. In addition, the video will include the GPS location on Google Maps and 3D

    Dual Channel Low Light Sensitive Image Sensors
    You will capture video inside and outside the vehicle regardless of weather conditions or time of day. The unit is equipped with IR LEDs, which allows video to record without disrupting the driver.

    Wide Angle Lens
    The zBlackBox-2000HD is equipped with 2 wide angle lenses. A wide angle 120 degree lens records the road directly in front and on the sides in crystal clear 720p HD, ideal for any car, truck or SUV, while the 170 degree lens records the inside of the vehicle. The zBlackBox-2000HD records the driver, passengers, blind spots, along with all other activity on the sides and directly behind the vehicle.

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