S. Africans, tourists wish Mandela speedy recovery

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In Johannesburg, a toast to Nelson Mandela (Cheers) who was admitted to the hospital overnight with a lung infection.

SOUNDBITE: Johannesburg Resident, Theo Simons, Saying:

"We would want him to get better, speedy recovery and with his strength that has led the country and still leading the country we wish him well and for him to get out quick."

South Africans weren't the only ones with warm wishes for the 94-year-old former leader.

SOUNDBITE: Dominique Grevo, Tourist from France saying (French):

"We were talking about it this morning, we were saying that we don't want him to die today, we'd like him to stay around for as long as possible because it's very emotional because even in France, Mandela is seen as someone extraordinary, a guide."

SOUNDBITE: Franziska Klimmer, Tourist from Germany saying (Germany):

"I think Mandela is among the greatest - one of the most important men of the past 50 years at least. He was the biggest influence in Sou