Demi Lovato vs Jonas Brothers vs Selena Gomez: New Music Showdown!

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There's a lot of new music coming our way this summer-- from Selena Gomez to Demi Lovato to Joe Jonas. It's really a big year for these artists who got their start on the Disney Channel. In fact, do you remember the video for Friends for Change -- the song is called Send It On -- which starred all of these guys -- and even Miley Cyrus!! But right now, we're talking all about what the musicians -- Selena, Joe and Demi - are saying about their new albums so that you're in-the-know and can decide which album you're most excited to hear. Alright, so first up, Demi just told Parade that this album is just "all-around better than anything" she's ever done, saying it's been trial-and-error throughout her music career and the sound is going to be different. QUOTE 'some kind of have a rock vibe to them, some are just really raw, they don't have any background vaocals and it's just me and guitar and strings. And there a some that are dance songs. Everything is different, but ultimately I just wanted it to be good pop music.' She took inspiration from Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Jessie J. Meanwhile, Joe Jonas said he and his brothers got inspired by Bruno Mars as well as old school music like blues, soul music and dance music for the group's new album. Joe told Parade that there are a ton of music instruments in the album -- adding that the guys have been working on it for the past 8 months and they're keeping quiet about the music until the album hits later this year. As far as Selena's studio album goes, she told MTV News QUOTE 'This is the hardest I've ever worked on any album I've ever done. I recorded. I recorded about 23 songs, and I picked 11. So we put all the album together, and I really wanted it to be a different level for me. So between the new albums from Demi, Joe and Selena -- which one are you most excited to hear?? How do you think they'll compare?? And which one will sell the most? Leave a comment below and subscribe to ClevverTV right now for more music news. I'm Dana Ward, bye for now!

Hosted by: Dana Ward