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    Fred Adison et son orchestre - Prince Charmant


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    Fred Alison (1908-1996, né Albert Lapeyrère) was a French musician, vocalist and jazz band leader. Alison studied the piano and violin, before specializing in playing the drums. Fascinated by jazz, at the age of 18 he formed a small band with five of his friends. Gradually, the band toured throughout France and eventually conquered Paris in 1931. He performed at all important places in the French capital: Taverne Fantasio, the Pigall's dancing hall, restaurant Chez Maxim's, Lido, Européen, Olympia, Ambassadeurs, Bobino, the Cirque Medrano, Trianon, L'Étoile, the A.B.C. etc.The band even managed to provide of the soundtrack to a few short silent film sketches by Charles Chaplin. At the same time, the orchestra recorded profusely. Big hit records included "En cueillant la noisette", "Avec les pompiers", "Le petit train départemental" and "Quand un gendarme rit". Fred Adison performed live at dance parties in many French cities through the early 1960s. This, however is a great early recording, made in 1933. The vocal remained uncredited.