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    Barney Rapp & His Orchestra - Sunset


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    During the early 20's, Rapp formed his first orchestra in Connecticut, but eventually settled down in Cleveland, Ohio. He was primarily a Midwest attraction who built his reputation with the help of radio broadcast air time, originating from his own night-club in Cincinnati. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame was that future motion picture star Doris Day got her singing start with his band. It was Barney who convinced her to change her name from Doris Von Kappelloff to Doris Day. It was also Barney Rapp that recommended two young sisters - The Clooney Sisters - to bandleader Tony Pastor. Among his other vocalists were Eddie Ryan and Bunny Welcome, the latter featured on this recording. Rapp's orchestra, although styled for dancing, managed to come off very nicely on their RCA Victor and Bluebird recordings. This enjoyable one, however, is one of his early recordings, waxed in 1925.