The A-OKs - "Misfortune Cookie" Official Music Video

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by BlankTV

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The A-OKs - "Misfortune Cookie" A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Denver, CO
Genre: BlankTV

Artist Biography:
2012 marks four years since The A-OKs first invaded the Colorado Punk and Ska scene with their crowd stomping, party dropping live shows. The band is celebrating their success with Funemployment Benefits, their second self-released album and followup to 2010's Words Are Not For Eating. The seven piece has grown older, but by no means are they growing tamer. Benefits celebrates a return to the angst-fueled, despondent voice of 90's youth, and adds the dance and mosh-fueled flavor they've been honing for the better part of the new millennium. The result is a poppy, angry, horny, chaotic dance-fest to keep your toes tapping and your fist in the air.

In the meantime, The A-OKs have completed two west coast tours and have played numerous Midwest venues with a number of the scene's favorite bands. They are celebrated for their DIY ethic and fun-never-stops concerts that have garnered a reputation that spans the continental US and beyond. In 2010, The A-OKs were honored guests at Pomona, California's Ska in the Park Festival and are hoping to take similar events by storm this summer!

Director Name: Rychard Taylor & Zach Beins
Director Link:
Producer Name: Bizjack Flemco Productions


Song Lyrics:
You know I always fall down when the world stops turning
They say it hurts at first but it just keeps hurting
And life don't come without guarantees
You can't be certain of all the certainties
It's all just chaos and complexities
But where do the rules say I can't be happy?

Goddammit, goddammit, this didn't go at all like I planned it
I know at times I play my part, I couldn't get my feet to start

The daily grind it puts me in distress
And I can't seem to find a way out of my own mess
Just another bad habit that I have to buck
A means of escape when life starts to suck
My brain goes in circles, my heart runs amok
All things considered, I still don't give a fuck

Day after day, I wash my concerns away
Just trying to forget, but I let myself down and it hasn't gotten better yet


I was under the impression that I made the right decision
Now I'm under the assumption it's a suicide mission
And I know for certain it's not just me
I'm not some emotional anomaly
It doesn't make it better, I just worry
And I still don't understand why I can't be happy!

It's not all right
But I'll be okay
So please be okay


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