Code Lyoko Evolution Ep 13 (108) - Friday the 13th (Eng Sub)

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Summary :

It's Friday the 13th and Odd can't believe his luck - he's won the lottery! He tries to impress Samantha with this fact, but he doesn't manage to catch up to her in time. Jeremie discovers that the lottery wins are happening all over Europe, and realises that it must be XANA. The group minus Odd head to Lyoko to deactivate the tower in Sector Five, which they do successfully. They return home and Odd comes to the lab feeling gloomy about not actually winning the lottery and his situation with Samantha, having bought a thousand roses to give to her thinking he truly had won the jackpot.
Jeremie then notices that XANA used the tower as a diversion to attack the Skid with a virus while they weren't looking. Odd is the only one who can go in and must pilot the bugged-up Skid and try to counter the virus with little experience doing either. Laura is called in to help, but they don't make much progress. Jeremie then decides to send Laura into the Skid to help on site, and she becomes extremely excited about the idea. Aelita however guides Odd through the steps and together they counter the virus just before Laura is about to be transferred. The Skid is returned to normal and Laura leaves, furious.
The gang make it up to Odd for his amazing solo work by setting him up with Samantha. She is touched, kissing him on the cheek.


Credits :-

Video Owner : "Ulrich Stern". Fan from Vimeo and Dailymotion.
Translated by : "Olivier". Fan from "".
Subs corrected by : "Brenster21". Fan from "".
Added the subs and uploaded by : "99MeSmErIzE". Fan from Vimeo, Dailymotion and Tumblr.

Big thanks to them for their hard work :D
I apologize if there's any kind of mistake in the video :)
Thanks for watching ^_^