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    It Boys Music, Matt Cut, Duck Leary, Tommy Coops, Judah Leary, Jeff Oster

    Gordon Vasquez

    by Gordon Vasquez

    Matt Cut (Vocals)
    Duck Leary (Drums/Vocals)
    Tommy Coops (Bass/Vocals)
    Judah Leary (Guitar/Vocals)
    Jeff Oster (Guitar/Vocals)
    Formed in Southern California in 2010 through a series of chance meeting and friends of friends, the band – Matt Cut on Vocals, Tommy Coops on bass, brothers Judah and Duck Leary, formerly of the band Drop Dead Gorgeous, on guitar and drums/vocals respectively and Jeff Oster on guitar – quickly grew a following via tours with Jeffree Star, Dev and a spot on 2010’s Vans Warped Tour. Eager to capitalize on their good fortune, It Boys! immediately took to writing the songs that would eventually become their debut album for Hollywood Waste Records, Introduction. “The primary songwriters for the group are Matt and Duck and I,” explains bassist Coops. “ We will usually go in with a concept or idea for a top line or hook and take it from there. We really pride ourselves in being able to write the best pop songs we can.” The ideas are then fleshed out with the help of producer who hone any rough edges and put a shiny pop sheen on the tracks. “It allowed the CD to have a very cool flow about it and allows the listener to go on a ride rather than being bored after the first 4 songs. The great thing is that we have a huge input in the writing process so it still sounds like us, but every writer or producer brought a little different twist to our signature sound,” explains Coops.