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    Amity In Portugal - BMX - 2011

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    What a treat this is…

    Last week I got back from one of the best trips of my life…

    Before Rebel Jam kicked off in Portugal, Adolfo Olivo, Cam Hardy, Bob Manchester, the two big guys behind Amity, and myself hit the West Coast of Portugal for a spot of surfing at a nature reserve, after our tents were stolen on the second day, surfing was cut short and we drove a little further south to Lagos, hung out on the beach and rode some spots before driving down to Portimao for the Rebel Jam.

    After a few days shredding and partying there, we headed further down the coast to pick up our new home for the week ahead… A 39ft yacht.

    We spent the next week sailing back up the coast, hitting up the empty Rebel Jam course in Portimao, aswell as Lagos and Sagres for some street riding, plenty of chilling and ofcourse some drunken antics along the way, all whilst attempting to learn how to sail…

    Check this out, you have NEVER seen a BMX trip video quite like this one… Enjoy!


    Naked And Famous – Young Blood

    Arcade Fire – Keep The Car Running

    Please support the band and their music by buying their music from iTunes.

    Shot for Amity Bike Co on a Canon 550D, 50mm 1.7, Tamron 70-200mm, Samyang 8mm Fisheye.
    Edited in Adobe Premiere CS4.

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