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    "Teen Beach Movie" Soundtrack Out July 16 + Tracklisting


    by ClevverTV

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    We couldn't be more ready for summer -- of course, the sunshine and warmth are awesome, but you know that Teen Beach Movie is also set to hit the public. The latest news surrounding this Disney Channel Original Movie is that the soundtrack will be out on July 16. This is awesome news because you're going to be getting a lot of fresh tracks from Ross Lynch and the rest of the movie's stars. Also on board for Teen Beach Movie include Maia Mitchell, Grace Phillips, Spencer Lee, Jason Evigan and Kelly Hawkes. So the tracklist goes like this Oxygen, Surf Crazy, Crusin For A Bruisin, Falling for Ya, Meanth to Be, Like Me, Can't Stop Singing, Surf's Up and Coolest Cats in Town. Plus, we're stoked for finale routine -- especially since this movie is full of singing and dancing!! As a reminder, this is the movie where it's the last day of summer and the characters of Ross and Maia find themselves transported into a classic beach musical in the 1960s. They make friends, see a surfer and biker rivalry and they have to figure out a way back to present day without messing up the past. So let us know if you're excited to hear the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack when it hits on July 16. I'm Dana Ward -- see you next time on ClevverTV!

    Hosted by: Dana Ward