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DUST 514 - Uprising Trailer


by G2PO

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One universe, one war! Watch this trailer and see what we mean.

CCP Games, the world’s leading independent massively multiplayer game developer, is pleased to announce that on May 6, 2013, the very date that EVE Online launched 10 years ago, the DUST 514® Uprising build will roll out, bringing new features to the mercenaries of New Eden!

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hugely successful MMO EVE Online as DUST 514 upgrades to the Uprising build, its biggest update yet. With Uprising, CCP takes another bold step toward the launch of DUST 514 and the further evolution of CCP’s single-shard universe.

Currently in open beta , DUST 514 brings intense infantry combat, large-scale warfare and deep character advancement to the PlayStation®3 in an exclusive, free-to-play, massively multiplayer shooter. Set in, and integrated with, the massive universe of EVE Online, players wage war in this next generation first-person shooter, where a single victory could prove the crushing blow to a galactic empire and thousands of online gamers.

EVE Online: http://trial.eveonline.com
DUST 514: http://www.dust514.com

Format: PS3
Out: 22/1/2013 (online)
Publisher: CCP Games