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    Elderly Woman Drops Off Grenade at Recycling Center

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    by Geo Beats

    An elderly woman drops off a grenade at a recycling center.

    Is there a limit to what can be recycled?

    Workers at a recycling facility in Stockholm, Sweden contacted police after the lady handed over an item resembling a weapon.

    Bomb technicians were dispatched to the site and concluded that the over-6-inch-long piece was a grenade. It was abruptly removed from the recycling center and sent away for destruction.

    A campaign was put in place on the first of March allowing residents to turn over any weapons to police without having to face legal charges. Since the start of the program, numerous other grenades have surfaced.

    Last year, a man named Matt Tucker was fishing in Springfield, Missouri when he pulled a Vietnam-era live hand grenade which was inside of a sock. It was x-rayed by the Fire Department bomb squad for further examination.

    The Staff Sergeant commented - "The pin was still in it. Based on the X-rays we saw, I'm going to call it armed". The grenade was eventually put inside a box and sent to a bomb disposal location