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    'Dead' Prostitute Comes Back to Life


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    A 'dead' prostitute comes back to life.

    To the shock of onlookers, one woman reportedly came back to life after being stuffed into a coffin. The lady had reportedly collapsed while having sex at a hotel in Zimbabwe.

    Believed to be a prostitute, she woke up just after police had put her body in a metal coffin-like container. She accused the police of trying to kill her. While officers were shocked that she was still alive, they attempted to calm her as best they could.

    Meanwhile, a group of witnesses tripped over one another and ran in differing directions, apparently terrified of the so-called resurrected woman. The lady eventually calmed down and left the scene with a co-worker.

    Last year, a 41-year-old man from Brazil, who worked as a car washer was informed that his family believed he was dead. The male showed up for his own wake, causing some people to scream or faint, while others initially ran away in a fit of panic.

    The confusion reportedly started when another local car washer was murdered, and the 41-year old's brother mistakenly identified the body at the morgue.