FedEx Express Ships Pandas to Canada

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FedEx Express ships pandas to Toronto.

FedEx has shipped two unique and undeniably adorable packages to Toronto.

A 5-year-old female panda along with a 4-year-old male companion have left their home in China.

The move is part of an agreement between China’s former President Hu Jintao and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which states that the pandas will spend the next 10 years in their new country, as part of an effort to conserve the endangered species.

For the first half of the decade, the animals will live at the Toronto Zoo and for the remaining 5 years, they will be at the Calgary Zoo. The two pandas were reportedly chosen because they were said to be an “excellent genetic match for breeding.”

The animals successfully landed in Canada via a FedEx express plane, which fittingly bears the image of a panda.

Last year, another set of pandas made a journey via a FedEx Express plane. Stemming from another agreement with China, the animals landed safely in Paris for a 10 year stay.