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    What Makes Sugar So Addictive

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out what makes sugar so addictive.

    Feeling guilty for having that 2nd cupcake? Don’t. Humans are just hardwired that way.

    Sugar consumption is instinctive. Our bodies crave it on a survival level.

    The simple sugar known as glucose is absorbed through the intestines into the bloodstream and delivered to the body’s billions of neurons. Glucose is the only source of fuel for the nerve endings. Further, neurons can’t store the stuff and require a steady supply.

    Sugar also makes you feel better. Even the tiniest taste of it can make you more alert and focused.

    No, that doesn’t mean that eating gummy sharks all day is the key to optimal mental acuity.

    Neurons can’t directly store glucose, so the body either stores it in the bloodstream or converts it to fat. Equally bad news is that when spikes are detected the automatic response is to stabilize which leads to sugar crashes and binge eating.

    Truthfully, the body has no alarm system that goes off when you’ve had enough of certain types of sugar.

    You have to do your own math.

    The suggested maximum per day is around 50 grams per day for women and 70 grams for men.