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    Dual-Fronted Clown Car for Sale

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A dual-fronted clown car can be driven either way.

    It’s tough to land a really unique car, especially for a decent price.

    One vehicle on Craigslist is an extraordinarily rare find.

    Listed as a “custom clown car”, the Ford model has dual front ends, meaning it can be driven either way. A very quick look from the side and it may appear to be a standard sedan with four tires and doors.

    Stare a little longer and you catch the utter bizarreness of the car. There is no rear end, just two identical fronts pointed in opposite directions. Housing two rows of seats, each facing different ways, a steering wheel resides on both sides, leaving the operator a choice as to which end he or she wishes to drive from.

    In another rare eBay auction, owners of the so-called “Space Shuttle Café” put it up for sale. Bidding started at $150,000 for the mobile café located in a converted DC3 airplane which was flown during World War II.

    In 1976, the shell of the plane was mounted onto a GMC bus frame and in 2001 the owners converted the vehicle into a fully mobile kitchen. The one-of-a-kind vehicle did not initially sell.