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    Nightclub Promotion for Cleavage-Bearing Women Deemed Sexist

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    A nightclub promotion for cleavage-bearing women is deemed sexist.

    Nightclubs boasting free entry for sexy attire is rather common.

    However, for an establishment in Kent, United Kingdom, a public relations campaign didn’t go over too well.

    The Casino Rooms Nightclub set up a poster advertising a “National Cleavage Weekender” featuring photos of scantily clad women. The sign said “Free entry for exposed cleavage b4 11pm on any night! It's not about the size, it's about the presentation!”

    Local parliament members didn’t take too well to the promotion calling it “degrading” and disgusting”. Tweets also started going around deeming the public relations stunt an example of “Everyday Sexism” - a project launched to voice such issues. It allows people to submit examples of prejudice via social media.

    Last year, an amusement park in China offered a promotion, which they called, 'Love Miniskirts'. It permitted female customers aged 18 and older to get tickets at a discounted price if they wore skirts shorter than 38 centimeters.
    The park received a good amount of criticism from many visitors that called the promotion 'inappropriate'.