Proposed Bill in One State Would Ban Google Glass While Driving

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A proposed bill in one state would ban Google glass while driving.

A new bill is being considered that makes driving while using Google Glass illegal in West Virginia.

The bill is a preemptive strike against the technology that is not yet commercially available.

It doesn’t specifically mention Google Glass, but instead uses broader language banning the use of a “wearable computer with head mounted display,” while driving.

The bill makes an exception for emergency response teams and law enforcement.

Similar laws have been passed concerning texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, which is a dangerous side effect of technology that kills many people every year.

Another preemptive ban on Google Glass happened at a bar in Seattle.

The owner is worried about protecting his customer’s privacy.

The glasses have a built in camera, capable of recording pictures, sound and video.

Other bans are expected to take place when the technology hits the market.

People are sensitive about their privacy, and someone taking out a smart phone or a camera to take a picture is frowned upon in certain public places, especially when children are involved.