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    This Could Be the World's Most Expensive Divorce

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    by Geo Beats

    Check out what could be the world's largest divorce settlement.

    Sue Ann Hamm, soon to be ex-wife of billionaire oil baron Harold Hamm, may end up with billions of dollars herself.

    She filed for divorce in May of 2012 and has since alleged that he was unfaithful in their marriage. He acknowledged that they’ve been separated since 2005. This is his second marriage.

    If successful in her pursuits, Mrs. Hamm could be awarded the largest divorce settlement in US History. The present worldwide title-holder is Anna Murdoch. In 1999 she left her marriage to Rupert Murdoch with 1.7 billion dollars.

    According to divorce attorney Raoul Felder, “Sue Ann stands to make lots and lots of money, more than what is really on the table.’’

    Potentially at stake is control of Continental Resources. Harold Hamm’s 68 percent of the company could be determined marital property.

    Money aside, what do their future chances at wedded bliss – with other people - look like? Their age brackets put them in a good spot. According to the US Census Bureau, older brides and grooms have better odds of staying together.

    Unfortunately for Harold, third marriages have a 73 percent failure rate.