Asbestos-Laced Tarantula Possibly on the Loose

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An asbestos-laced tarantula is probably on the loose.

Do tarantulas creep you out?

Well, a tarantula might be creeping around in Cardiff, Wales.

The skin of a tarantula spider was found in the attic of an abandoned house, and sent to a lab for testing to find out what kind of tarantula the people of Cardiff might be dealing with.

An asbestos removal team found the tarantula skin, so the loose spider might be covered with the toxic substance.

Surveyor Katie Parsons-Young reportedly was the first to see the hairy leg of the spider.

It is unknown if the spider was an escaped or abandoned pet, or if there is a population of tarantulas living in Cardiff.

Although tarantulas are large and intimidating spiders, they are not a threat to humans, except for their painful bite.

Their venom is not strong enough to harm a human.

Tarantulas mostly hunt at night, without a net, and survive on a diet of insects and other small prey like frogs, toads or mice.