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    7 Simple Ways to Be Happier

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    Check out 7 simple ways to be happy.

    Finding true happiness may be hard.

    But here are 7 simple ways to become happier according to

    Number 7 – Faced with countless choices from shampoos to health plans, we tend to want the best. But with so many options it’s seemingly impossible to choose. Simple trick, settle for good enough. Read up, study your options, narrow your choices and pick what works for you. After that decision is made, don’t second guess and let it rest.

    Number 6 – Talk to your spouse as you would to a stranger. Researchers found that when talking with an unknown person, people tend to put more effort into making a good first impression. End result, they were happier directly after the conversation.

    Number 5 – If you have all the basic necessities, consider donating some of your money. According to a survey of over 600 Americans, psychologist Elizabeth Dunn concluded that money spent on ourselves did not make us happier. Giving money away as a donation or gifts made people more content.

    Number 4 – Instead of shelling out for expensive stuff, invest in experiences. Enjoy the moment and learn from it. Building experiences and sharing them with others also leads to better social connections, which can elevate happiness.

    Number 3 – Wish and strive for small changes. Simple changes in routines involving exercising, eating, or going to church can make us feel so much better.

    Number 2 - Enjoy the unknown for a little while. In today’s word, technology helps us track packages and know everything that’s going on in the world, up to the minute. Step away from the computer, order from an old-fashioned mail catalogue. Savor the mystery of it all, adding the much-needed surprise element into life.

    Number 1 – This is an obvious one but still worth mentioning. Shift your focus towards a more positive direction. Fretting about the money needed to be spent on a vacation instead of the fun and priceless memories you will make? Positive thoughts and emotions can squash negative thinking’s effects on the body, especially the stress-related impact on the cardiovascular system.