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    Clothing Store Utilizes Technology Instead of Salespeople

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A clothing store utilizes technology instead of salespeople.

    Don't want to deal with pushy salespeople?

    A clothing shop in Seattle on surface seems typical, but there’s something that sets it apart – no salespeople.

    Called Hointer, the store requires smartphone and robotic-like technology to keep it up and running rather than humans.

    Customers are only required to download the shop’s application for phones. The smartphone technology allows them to scan the item’s price tag.

    Shoppers can then indicate what sizes they wish to try on via the app and the garments are transferred to the fitting room by a shoot, which can spit clothing pieces in and out depending on the customer’s preference.

    A tablet tracks inventory allowing a swipe and go process for patrons who do not wish to have human contact.

    There are a scant number of employees working and available for assistance, but they are geared more towards the styling aspect.

    Several research projects are aimed towards learning the effects of robotic elements on the job market. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology state “Many workers, in short, are losing the race against the machine.”

    Computers and advanced software increasingly have human-like abilities, leaving people wondering if there will be any jobs available for humans in the future.