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Skydive Dubai - WPC Mondial - 2012

il y a 5 ans230 views

Today was another phenomenal day at the World Parachuting Championships at Skydive Dubai! The Weather is back to its beautiful self, the competitors and spectators are out and smiling in the sun. Today we saw the fierce finish to the last two accuracy rounds Canopy Piloting, as well as Nick Batsch breaking his own record in the distance event! The top artistic teams are impressing judges with their best routines and FS teams are racking up points faster than ever!
For results, visit http://www.ipc-wcresults.org.uk/Mondi...
Please visit http://www.wpcuae.ae for more specific information on the event.
See you there!

2ne1 - I am the best instrumental
Oy Vey - The city picks up

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