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    Client Skills Training: Building Business Trust Through Speaking Your Client's Language

    Steve Vislisel

    by Steve Vislisel

    Steve Vislisel of asks: Why do you "click" with some clients and not with others? In this video Steve gives guidelines to vary your relationship approach so you avoid getting "Lost in Translation". Learn more about Professional Services, consulting and solution sales, and get five free videos at

    The Power of Partnership training is for consultants and solution sales teams. It is practical and immediately usable--we are NOT about theories, reports, and research--because those things won't help you when you're face-to-face with your clients and an engagement is on the line. Our clients are Professional Services organizations who want to deliver more profitable, smoother projects, consultants who want to have better relationships with their clients, and anyone who wants to know how to sell more comprehensive services to clients.

    Over the last twenty years, we've been privileged to train tens of thousands of
    consultants and solution sales teams at all types of companies, ranging from
    entrepreneurial, pre-IPO, hyper-growth players to some of the largest legacy
    organizations like Accenture, Cisco, and HP. The one constant that we've found is that strong client partnerships are the key to their growth and success.

    Learn more about us at, and look for our offer of five free
    videos: "Five Hidden Pathways to Smoother, More Profitable Projects".