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    Woman Surprises Fiance With Breast Implants For Valentines Day- Dr. Franklin Rose

    Franklin Rose

    by Franklin Rose

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    Forget about the supposed “Grandest Romantic Gesture Ever.” Dr. Franklin Rose has ensured one military man an unforgettable Valentine’s Day this year, all thanks to the gift of boobs.

    Petite patient Casandra wanted to please her military fiance Josh by surprising him with a breast augmentation just in time for his brief break from the U.S. Navy — a visit that just happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

    “The common misconception about breast augmentation is that people want to be Dolly Parton-esque,” Dr. Rose tells CultureMap.

    Casandra, a University of Texas coed, went from barely-an-A to a perfectly respectable full B cup.

    Dr. Franklin Rose explained that his technique is “much less painful” than most, and allows for a faster recovery, with a quicker return to everyday activities.

    Casandra told INSIDE EDITION, “It will definitely be a Valentine’s Day to remember. My boyfriend gave me a ring so I’m going to have surgery.”

    For years, Martinez has felt insecure about her small size “A” breasts.

    “I wish I had the cleavage to fill this out,” she said.

    The 18-year-old college student, wears ruffles to camouflage her flat chest and stuffs her bathing suit tops with padding. So, she turned to plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose in Houston to go from a small “A” cup to a full “B” cup.

    As she’s wheeled into surgery, she can hardly wait for her transformation. She is getting a new cutting edge procedure that will shorten her recovery time from 2 weeks to just 24 hours.

    Dr. Rose said, “We expect her to be out and about in evening attire tomorrow.”

    The doctor starts with an anti-bleeding solution then makes two small incisions, but it’s this state-of-the-art caurterizer that’s expected to dramatically reduce the amount of bleeding that typically comes with breast surgery.

    Dr. Rose said, “It allows us to dissect the pocket very bloodlessly because this little tip cauterizes as we go.”

    Less than one hour later, she is now a full “B” cup.

    Home video taken the next morning showed her up and about incredibly, pain free, several days later, she showed off her new gorgeous shape.

    She said, “I love it. It’s a whole new me.”

    But what will her fiancé think?

    When Josh walked in to see her, He thinks our camera crew is there to capture his Valentine’s Day homecoming. But what happens next left him nearly speechless.

    Casandra said, “I have a surprise for you.”

    She opened her sweater and reviews her new gorgeous shape.

    Josh said, “I’m very, very shocked. It’s probably the best welcome home I’ve ever gotten.”

    A romantic meal topped off their special homecoming and her Valentine’s surprise.

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