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    Original-The Commander- the Drexels

    John Martello

    by John Martello

    "The Drexels" is the oldest, surviving attempt to film THE COMMANDER series and is the first to film with Alicia Brody in the lead role. Originally, The Commander was to be played by John Martello or Scott Fensterer. After starting the fourth episode, Ms. Brody convinced the series creator to refilm the episodes, the quality in these originals were just too bad.
    Fortunately, these original episodes were transferred to a DVD before the video tap degraded further. The video was recorded in the worst recording mode on the camera. At the time the video cameras did have a mode selection SLP, LP, SP. SP was of course to best mode.
    "The Drexels" introduces the Androids in the future when humanity was already driven from the planet. The remake; "CYBER NEMESIS" showed the androids creation under contract of the United States Division of intelligence.
    And now, the original first episode of; THE COMMANDER.