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    おおかみこどもの雨と雪 Wolf Children 2012 JPN Trailer Mamoru Hosoda 細田守


    MorinoMashio より

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    It is a great movie.
    It is a movie which I and my daughters are made to consider.
    My second daughter will be a high school student in April, this year.
    She had said the other day that he would like to enter in this university, in order to receive the lecture of the librarian of University of Tsukuba.
    Much [ it makes a living in the world surrounded by the book, and ].
    It is said that recently, surfing was learned from a wife's younger brother.
    It is said that it memorized in one day.
    Yes, if you become 14 years old, she will live in the world different from parents.
    This movie has said that it is wonderful.
    When the eldest daughter was a schoolchild, the scenario of "the ghost story 2 of a school" was given.
    When you see this movie by two persons after it.
    She questioned me why although all are expressed, it makes a movie from a scenario.
    Probably she read the scenario and made the world.
    Possibly, it was not the movie which she visualized.
    The scenarist is a Satoko Okuda..



    Drected by Mamoru Hosoda 細田守
    Produced by
    Yuichiro Saito
    Takuya Ito
    Takashi Watanabe
    Screenplay by
    Mamoru Hosoda 細田守
    Satoko Okudera 奥寺佐渡子
    Story by Mamoru Hosoda

    Aoi Miyazaki
    Takao Osawa
    Haru Kuroki
    Yukito Nishii

    Music by Takagi Masakatsu
    Art Directed by Hiroshi Ohno
    Editing by Shigeru Nishiyama