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    Chakras Meditation - Manipoora Chakra - Raag Malkauns


    by MusicAndChants

    Third Chakra: Manipooraka
    "The third chakra is the one that gives us the sense of complete satisfaction and contentment. It is the center which makes us peaceful and generous, and also sustains our spiritual ascent. When enlightened by the Kundalini, it expresses as righteousness and inner sense of morality, and it gives us complete balance at all levels in our life."

    Rag Malkauns (A.K.A. Malkosh) is a very popular rag in the North Indian system (Hindustani Sangeet). In the South it is known as Hindolam. It is a pentatonic rag that has has the five notes Sa, Komal Ga, Ma, Komal Dha, and Komal Ni.
    The mood is meditative, perhaps even sad. Therefore, it tends to be played in slow to medium speeds.
    Frankly the journey on which Malkauns takes the listener to would be an experience to cherish. A healing raga to cure "Back-ache".
    Concept : Mr. Vamanan. Music Scored by Sudhakar, Ganesh Muthu and Sathish