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    d-formoct festival 2004


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    deja on line ;) aussi... trop bien faite cette video.

    Friday, Oct 1 2004 A weekend TAZ experiment in Barcelona
    cheap flights will get you there quicker than a bike. Kicking off with a Critical Mass action on October 1, the Dform festival will run for 3 days in BCN, bringing performers and artists from all over Europe's underground together in an environment made from recycled material. In many ways it will mark "the answer" to UNICEF Forum 2004 of Cultures which this week ended in debt, failure and recrimination for destroying urban balance in a hypocritcal and cynical attempt to manipulate culture. Get yourself on a plane and come along- the official blurb:- "The essential aim of D-Form is to create a Temporary Autonomous Zone (T.A.Z) where diverse free cultural and artistic expressions can take place. The 3 day long festival, in Barcelona, will be a unique and eclectic experience for the public and the artists alike. It will be a not-for-profit event, but for the need of freedom of expression,entertainment, technological evolution, enjoyment and education. The D-Form zone will be a massive, interactive, innovative and inspirational installation made up predominantly of recycled waste materials, and constructed only for this event. Inside this futuristic zone a wide range of international artists, scientists, musicians, physicians, performers and transformers can meet. We can then experiment in the collaboration of our individual energies, ideas and skills and those of different groups, to work together to create a unique show that will celebrate the essence of underground culture. In this way we are questioning the representation of culture in today’s consumerist society, which is largely generated for commercial reasons in a homogenous and banal way. D-Form intends to ignite and inspire positive, creative responses among all who participate, so establishing foundations for future projects, and furthering the DIY culture that can be done by anyone, anytime, anywhere. D-Form is an explosive celebration of the undeground"

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