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    Man Convicted of Killing Roommate Over Dirty Kitchen

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    A man is convicted of killing his roommate over a dirty kitchen.

    Recently, a man convicted of manslaughter after killing his roommate was sentenced to 3-years in prison. 48-year-old Bill Tubrett was originally facing second-degree murder for the slaying of 35-year-old Jamie Vickers, but the jury deliberated for 10 hours and finally decided on the lesser charge.

    While the court heard conflicting stories, it was alleged that Tubrett choked Vickers to death because he was confronted by the victim, who was upset about their kitchen, which contained a mess of gravy splatter. The murder suspect claimed that Vickers attacked him and the killing was a matter of self defense.

    A third roommate named Paul Gill testified that he witnessed the confrontation and saw Turbett put his hands around the victim’s neck. The jurors reportedly didn’t believe the killing was in self-defense.

    Last year, a 55-year-old Florida man was charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting his 35-year-old roommate.

    According to reports, the two men began arguing over how to cook pork chops when the older male brandished a .22-caliber gun and fired multiple shots, killing the victim instantly.