TSA Finds Sword in Woman's Walking Cane

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TSA finds a sword concealed in a woman's walking cane.

A woman assisted by a walking cane recently went through a check point x-ray machine at the Washington Dulles International Airport.

Security authorities noticed there was something inside of the cane that didn’t look quite right. When the top knob was taken off, airport personnel discovered a long sword residing in the hollowed cane.

The lady had bought the walking stick from an antique store and was said to have no knowledge that a weapon resided inside. She was permitted to board her flight to New York.

The TSA claims that sword filled canes are not uncommon and urges travelers to unscrew the top and check the inside before arriving at the airport.

In 2001, a then 21-year-old man was arrested after attempting to pass through Brunswick airport with a cane weapon. Security officers claimed he tried to board a flight with a 2-foot long sword, which was concealed in the stick.

He was charged with carrying a deadly weapon to a public gathering