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    Couple Wins Lawsuit After City Workers Barricade Them in Home

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    A couple wins a lawsuit after city workers barricade them in house.

    A couple recently won a lawsuit against Dublin City Council after a relaxing day at home went horribly wrong. The pair along with their then 4-month-old baby had reportedly been resting in their home on December of 2010 when city workmen began nailing iron sheets to their windows and front door.

    They heard the doorbell but ignored the sound as the family was not expecting anyone. A short time later, they heard the hammering.

    The couple called emergency operators and yelled to the men outside that they were in the home. Nevertheless, the rooms continued to get darker . All the while, they watched as 6-inch nails were pounded through the door frame.

    The workers asked the couple if they were squatters. When the workmen were told it was a privately-rented home, they pulled the sheets of corrugated iron off the windows and headed to the house next door.

    The home renters alleged that they were medically treated for emotional distress. They were awarded roughly $98,000 in damages.