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    The Science Behind Dunking Cookies in Hot Beverages

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    There is a science behind dunking cookies in beverages.

    To dunk or not to dunk? Is dipping your cookies in a hot beverage really worth the extra effort?

    England’s uber-chef Heston Blumenthal says yes. He even went so far as to scientifically prove it.

    Blumenthal’s discoveries resulted from using a device called MS Nose, developed by food scientists at the University of Nottingham. The machine, when inserted into the nose, plots the flavor and aroma levels being experienced by the taster.

    In this case, the machine detected higher levels of methylbutanol recognition. In lay terms, the cookie – or biscuit as the Brits call it - tasted toastier.

    Why put a tube up a person’s nose to figure out what’s going on in their mouth? The scientists behind the project point out that it’s the mouth and nasal passages working together that create the total flavor experience. Taste buds outline basic flavors while the nose picks up the unique aromas.

    Hot and wet are factors that make the relay of information faster and more intense.

    Of course, some cookies are a bit more complicated. Take the Oreo, for example. Dunk? Twist? Bite?

    A survey done by Kraft Foods showed that how a person eats it actually says something about them.
    Biters tend to be confident, twisters are sensitive and artistic, and dunkers are more social.