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    Ophelia Benson and the pineapple

    Reap Paden

    by Reap Paden

    Ophelia Benson has a habit of misrepresenting others on the internet. She will do this and then complain when it brings her unwanted attention, yet she continues the same behavior pattern. She has shown no interest in taking steps to resolve the issues she constantly complains about. When a person like Ophelia refuses to act like an adult it leaves others only a few choices in how to respond. Parody is one of those options. I have and will continue to exercise that option. If you have a problem with my style keep one thing in mind- This is a humorous poke at people who have said things in seriousness about others that are plain lies. There was no concern about how it may effect those people. That is an incredibly unfair and selfish way to behave. If there is anyone to be angry at it should be those who are causing harm to others for self-serving reasons or for no reason at all. Ophelia, take a step back and think if it is worth it. What do you gain by misrepresenting others? The world needs more truth not lies and bullshit from the likes of you.