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    Natural And Imported Cosmetics.

    Shahzad Munir

    by Shahzad Munir

    Assalam-u- Alaikum,
    I am Consultant manager, in Oriflame Swedish Branded cosmetics Company, I am offering you oriflame membership in a very nominal prices, by getting membership you can avail lot of benefits as follows.

    Oriflame Slogan is ==Make money today & Fulfill you’r dreams tomorrow==

    1. 20% to 50% discount on all our cosmetics 400 products (skin care, hair care, toilettries & Fragrances, etc)

    2. You can start your own Part Time Business without any huge investment

    3. you can participate our National & Inter National seminars

    4. You’r income can be raise 75000+ by little efforts, we will guide.

    For more details or any suggestion,
    Contact : 0312-2128556