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    Daily Bread - The Conflict


    door dailybread_nl

    Daily Bread - The Conflict
    Appears on the second album "Iterum", as available on

    7th of May show in Paris at La Bellevilloise!

    Bright lights shining over the seas
    Can’t remember how it was last week
    Still I’m feeling eager to proceed
    The relief that we can succeed
    If we fight for it and you believe
    In the strengths and sorrows that we seek

    We are warriors in disguise
    We are the darkness in your eyes

    Tearing down what we all used to had
    To start all again, to move on instead
    Of chasing down the sadness that we have
    We’re facing fears and we kill the wars
    That we fight inside and tear apart
    To stay sharp and to outrage the smart