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    Mythrai Virtual Pets 2.0


    by DrN00B

    Mythrai Virtual Pets:

    An online game centered around obtaining and raising a variety of different species and breeds of pets. Different pets can be acquired through different means such as freely grabbing them from the wild, purchasing them or breeding them. In addition to focusing on physical growth of your pets, you can engage them in battles and create bonding pairs with your pets. You also have to care for various stats such as experience and levels to properly prepare your pets for various situations.

    -User gallery.
    -In game messaging system.
    -User profiles which include sections for a bio, buddy list, avatars, etc.
    -Pet stats.
    -Custom organization of pets or "stables".
    -In game currency that can be earned by promoting your pets and having others care for them.
    -Items to create a variety of effects on pets.
    -Achievements that can be earned by completing different tasks in the game.
    -Automated referral system to help already registered users earn rewards.
    -Trading system to either trade or gift pets to others.

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    Compatible with almost any web browser via Mobile device, Console, & PC/Mac.

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