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    Knuckles and hand are swollen after giving massages


    by MassageNerd

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    Twitter: I'm a new Massage Therapist working my first chair massage job. So far I've been averaging 6 massages a day. (Ranging from 20 minutes to 45 minutes per client.) I've been working full time for about one month-5 days a week eight hours. I wanted this job so I could gain experience and build up my body for massages.

    It is not amazing money but this weekend, I doubled my output because one MT didn't show up either day. Today, I had to leave early. My knuckles and hand are swollen so I can't close my hand without pain. Any tips on how to get down the swelling? I usually recover faster than this. I've done Epsom salt soaks and ice already. Ice sort of helps. Thanks!"