Marilyn Manson on O'Reily Factor

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I think he did well i the interview the reporter needs to understand that unless he is going to adopt all of those parent less kids then , they survive how they may, like he said and has always been said music is a gateway towards your subconscious expression in order to be heard. It is easy to blame someone who doesn't conform to the political views of whatever religion. This guy doesn't realize that others for example such as Hitler influenced many children in his way- so what to that?
By Gordon121 4 years ago
Fukk the news marylin manson kicks ass
By Lamar8732 4 years ago
I commend MM for enduring this interview with grace and intelligence. As for Bill O'reily, he reminds me of a Dylan song. "Idiot wind, blowin' every time you move your teeth. You're an idiot, babe. It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe."
By Monkey_Nuts 5 years ago
dude bill o'reilly is a stupisdass mother fucker manson is fuckin awesome as hell hes a fuckin GOD!!! & if u dont think ur kids should b listening 2 him dont let them u dumb FUX!! i listen 2 him all the time it has no fuckin bad effects on me!!~
By EMO_A7X_LUVA 5 years ago
and he thanks him for the challenge... that's priceless!
By Joni Lynn 5 years ago
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