Slick ~ " Sunrise " ~ 1978.♥ W/Lyrics

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Beautiful song, brings tears to my eyes..
Enjoy everyday, live it up all the way, ‘Cause tomorrow doesn’t come forever..!
Sunrise, Thank you for today. Enjoy¸¸.•*¨*♫♥♫…Peace..♥

The world just keeps on turning like it’s never gonna stop
But we all know better than that
Enjoy everyday, live it up all the way
Cause tomorrow doesn’t come forever
sunriseeeeee start a brand new day
Shine down on the children of the world
Warm them as they play
sunriseeee wake up every one, light up one more moment on this earth
A new day has begun ooooo
Look at this day sunshine or rain isn’t beautiful oooooo!!!
And live for today don’t throw it away cause
Tomorrow doesn’t come for ever
Ooooooooo lalalalala ooooooooo yeah!!

Sunrise, thank you for today there ain’t no tomorrow without you
You’re the only way
sunrise, thank you for today

[background: sunrise thank you for today] [2x]
Shining sunrise circle us today
Shining shine on us today
sunrise thank you for today


You're welcome Tom..! Nice to see you..
Have a peaceful Sunday..!
By StrictlyMuzik March
What a beautiful recording. Incredible lyrics. Thank You for this upload.
Just beautiful! This song, the lyrics, Always places a huge smile on my face & helps me keep my faith alive & strong! I am so happy it made your day...Thank you for the hug~ most needed :-)
Back at ya my friend..! Enjoy your weekend & live it up all the way..!
Peace & Respect
By StrictlyMuzik last year
Oh my goodness. . .I have remembered this song for years, since I was about 8 or 10I'm 45, and nobody I know remembered or knew it. . .to the poster, I could hug you. . .Thank you. . .Thank you. . .what a way to make/start my day. . .
By FineandEducated last year
Dailymotion friend asked to post lyrics...There you go my friend. Enjoy everyday..!
By StrictlyMuzik 2 years ago
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