Still Life at Chamarande


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Digital video recording copyright 2013 Lisa B. Falour, B.S., M.B.A. all rights reserved
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The Domaine départementale de Chamarande is about 50 km from the Paris city limits, in the Essonne département. There is no charge for admission, there's a 17th c. château in the "severe" Louis XIII style, parks, contemporary art indoors and out, purple ash trees, an archive having to do with civil engineering and other things, and you can get there by train if you don't want to use an automobile. Take a picnic.

This clip includes an outdoor work of contemporary art titled "Nature Morte," which means "still life" in French.

A man named Mione did many good things in his life, including the restoration of this place beginning in the late 1950s. What a treasure to visit and enjoy! This is a great example of a wonderful place in France, accessible from Paris (and other places, of course) which charges no admission. You can even take your dog into the parks, on a leash. There is an outdoor "jeu d'oie" here, a "goose game" -- no one knows its purpose, but it's a kind of unusual, huge outdoor labyrinth. An enigma.

I visited on a cold day, but was dressed appropriately and still loved my time here. The purple ash trees change from pink to purple, also. I think this place has a bit of "something for everyone."

I can be reached via my website if you'd like a private guide or facilitator here in France. I might be able to assist you, or could refer you, perhaps. France is quite a wonderful country, and I'm very fortunate to live here.

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