Louis Lilienfeld & His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra - Mary Ann

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par kspm0220s

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This orchestra seems totally forgetten today. The only fact about this bandleader I found is that he was one of the conductors who led a band at New York's Biltmore Hotel. The recording presented herewith is a rare Edison, waxed in 1928. Vocal by Happy Jack (aka Jack Parker), who is said to be a pseudonym for Jack Kaufman. For your information, another side by this band was uploaded before at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8j7zs_louis-lilenfeld-the-calinda-foxtrot_music?search_algo=2#.UU3c76VkhCc

8 commentaires

Enthusiastic reactions like yours make it all so well worth sharing, B, thank you! It is a pity this band got totally lost in the fog of time but fortunately we have a few great testimonies on disc.
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
What a joyoous sound. Thanks for all your efforts in uploading these sounds for those of us who enjoy this so much.
Par Somerset45 il y a 2 ans
Jack, Lilienfeld recorded a few sides for Edison, but since that record company was rapidly losing sale volume in those days, it got sadly forgotten. But we are very lucky to have a small recorded legacy of this band.
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
Thank you Ginny! It is a pity indeed this band is totally forgotten today. It deserved much better than oblivion didn't it.
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
Thank you royal_roost for the feedback!
Par kspm0220s il y a 2 ans
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