WitchHouse WitchStep GlitchHop GraveWave Music: EYE-"Puppets" Australian

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EYE: "Puppets" - Australian Witch-House Witch-Step Glitch-Hop Grave-Wave Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) ... An extended offbeat instrumental. A very early piece of "witch-house" or "witch-step". This track also received significant amounts of airplay on radio stations around Australia particularly on specialist electronic music radioshows. It was also released on some compilation CDs.

It features a quote by author G Edward Griffin: "Politicians are Puppets for cartelists & monopolists, the corporate interests behind the scenes, who are getting these laws passed..."

Free EYE music via http://www.EyeMusic.info...

More EYE songs at http://www.AustralianGothicIndustrialMusic.com/bands/eye-band-music-songs.html

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