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    Thief Breaks into Church Kitchen for Ice Cream

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    by Geo Beats

    A thief breaks into a church kitchen for ice cream.

    How far would you go to get your hands on ice cream?

    Recently, a 24-year-old man in St. Charles, Missouri was arrested for allegedly breaking into a church to grab some ice cream from the freezer.

    According to police, Andrew Steven Jung broke a glass door leading to the kitchen of St. Peters Catholic Church. Officers arrived at the scene and found the freezer had been damaged and an undermined amount of ice cream was missing.

    A baseball cap was also discovered. Shortly thereafter, Jung was found walking several blocks away from the church.

    He was intoxicated and had ice cream smeared on his face and clothes. During questioning, he addmitted to being an “ice cream junkie”. Jung was charged with property damage and burglary.

    Last year, a man reportedly broke into Twistee Treat ice cream kiosk in Windsor, Ontario. Video surveillance showed the man heading straight for the soft serve machine.

    He stuck his head underneath the dispenser, opened his mouth and squirted some ice cream in. Then he headed towards the cash register. When the male realized that the machine was empty, he took off. The suspect was not immediately caught.