Man Lists His Home for $395,000 in Virtual Currency

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A man lists his home for virtual currency.

Would you sell your house for virtual currency?

One man, Taylor More, has decided to list his home for Bitcoins.

It's a two-bedroom bunglaw in Alberta Canada. List price is the equivalent of $395,000 in Bitcoins.

They are an alternative form of currency, not issued by a traditional bank or financial institution.

The currency is awarded when people successfully use a computer in a global network to complete challenges such as a complicated math equation.

Once acquired, the virtual currency can be exchanged for actual money or traded for goods.

Their primary benefits are that their transactions are hard to trace and both cheaper and faster than using the regular means.

According to More, they’re not that easy to come by in large quantities.

He believe his plans would, "get bitcoins more mainstream.”

Have some bitcoins burning a hole in your pocket?

Play some blackjack, buy some baklava, or hire a record producer. Online lists provide a wealth of spending options.

Or, just buy Taylor More’s house for $395,000 in Bitcoins.