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    Woman Tries to Smuggle Tadpoles in Her Mouth

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    by Geo Beats

    A woman tried to smuggle tadpoles in her mouth.

    There are many bizarre items people will attempt to smuggle on a plane.

    Recently a woman at the Guangzhou Airport in China was busted for carrying rare, tiny tadpoles… her mouth!

    Security guards were alerted that something wasn’t quite right when they discovered a bottle of liquids in her luggage. Airport authorities told her that she could either drink the substance to prove it wasn’t anything toxic or throw it out.

    She actually took a sip of the fluid, but would not swallow it. That’s when authorities noticed what she really had in her mouth. The sneaky lady claimed that the tadpoles were a gift from a friend, but she was forced to spit them out before boarding the plane.

    Last year, a Chinese woman was held at an airport checkpoint in Russia for carrying deer private parts. According to RIA Novosti, a customs official claimed that the lady tried to smuggle the dried deer genitals, hiding them in her purse.

    Believed to cure impotence, deer privates are used in Chinese alternative medicine. In total, three genital parts were discovered in the woman's possession.